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Here are a few of our most common questions we get in regards to spray tans.

What Is a spray tan?

 Spray tanning allows people to achieve a bronze glow all year round without the health risks of tanning beds. The process is fairly simple. A thin mist is sprayed onto the desired areas of skin, and the skin turns a natural-looking shade of tan. 

How long does a spray tan last for?
In general, your spray tan will last around a week (5 to 10 days) but it will start to gradually fade before this time. This is because the skin will naturally continue to regenerate itself and old skin cells will be sloughed away to reveal paler skin beneath.


Do you wear a bra for a spray tan?

Most people either wear a strapless bra or bandeau or they go without a bra, but just remember that if you don't wear a bra during your tan you should not put it back on afterwards because the straps and wires may leave lines. ... After your tan you should wear dark, loose clothing. Males must wear bottoms during their tanning session.


                 Spray Tanning Prep

If you want a streak-free and even tan, take necessary steps to get that perfect look:

  • If you’re going to shave, do so at least 12 hours before you tan
  • If you wax, do that before you tan as well
  • Exfoliate and rub-off excess, dead skin cells for an even tan
  • Avoid lotion right before you tan because lotions can act as barriers and cause an uneven result.
  • Remove makeup


                Spray Tanning Post Care

Once you’re done, you need to give the tan time to develop for spray tanning to work well. Rule #1 – avoid getting wet for 1-3 hours, whether working out or showering. Don’t even think about jumping into a pool or going out in a monsoon. Timing is the key to ensure that the tan isn’t streaky or uneven as it develops.

Once you’ve given your tan enough time to set in, rinse in luke warm water. Do not scrub or use super-hot water. After your shower, don’t forget to moisturize. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated to make your tan last longer and fade evenly.

Spray Tan Packages

1 Spray Tan $45

Package of 3 Spray Tans $99

Monthly Membership $99 (4 Spray Tans )

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